Deltec 60 Masking Tape 3″

Deltec 60 Masking Tape 3″


Deltec 60 Masking Tape 3″

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An excellent general purpose masking tape, made with crepe paper and coated in latex. 24 Hour residue safe and resistant to 60 degree temperatures. A high quality all-rounder for general masking.The premium tape is made of the highest grade Japanese ‘Washi’ paper, which is a rice paper based material. This gives the tapes exceptional lateral strength (when you pull it ‘long ways’) so it wont tear on you when you’re pulling the tape off.

Washi tape is extremely thin given how strong it is, so unlike a pale crepe tape you get very low profile paint edges that are razor sharp.

Any decorators will be able to carry out 99% of all jobs they face, meaning less confusion on the job and in your store.

If any decorator carry the 3 rolls in the full range in their kit they are well prepped for anything.

Masking Tape 60 is a high performance crepe tape, with latex impregnation for great moisture resistance. It’s a 24 hour residue safe tape that excels in general purpose masking.


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