Blockade – White Shellac Sealer Primer 500ml

Blockade – White Shellac Sealer Primer 500ml


Blockade – White Shellac Sealer Primer 500ml

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Blockade White Shellac Sealer Primer provides excellent adhesion to almost all interior surfaces such as previously coated and new wood, plaster, drywall, porous wallcoverings, metal and tile and requires minimal preparation before use.
Blockade is quick drying, saving time on jobs that require multiple coats or to be quickly overcoated with emulsion. The pure shellac base permanently blocks stains and odours, covering even the darkest of colours.


Key Features

• Permanently kill stains and odours
• Cover damage from water, smoke and mould
• Blocks out stains from nicotine, mould, smoke/fire, water and more
• Seals in tannins and wood knots, grease and porous surfaces including new plaster
• Blocks odours including cigarette smoke, other smoke smells and damp.



12.5 square metres per litre.


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