Warmcoat Insulating paint 5lt

Warmcoat Insulating paint 5lt


Warmcoat Insulating paint

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Warmcoat Insulating Paint Cuts Heat Loss & Stops Mould

Cuts Home Heat Loss, Stops Mould, Condensation, Damp Wall Problems

Cuts heat loss saves on energy bills.

Planning to paint your inside walls ceilings? Do yourself a big favour and check out Warmcoat as part of that project because unlike any other paint… Warmcoat helps make your home warmer and cuts heat loss.

Thousands of Irish UK home owners have used Warmcoat with a 97% satisfaction rating.

“Finally, a Low-Cost Solution Resulting in a Warmer, Drier Healthier Home!”

Never enough heat still freezing? Old cavity block walls mostly solid. (cold)?

Freezing cold, cavity block / solid wall, hard to heat, cold room(s)

Your home may have been built with cavity block or solid walls, stone or concrete and you always feel cold irrespective of heating.

In other words, wall insulation is non existent meaning it is very hard to heat and when heated – gets cold again quickly. (click here for more important information on insulating cavity block walls) Older homes with bad insulation are especially prone to this problem.

Caution: Many cavity block walls cannot be successfully insulated by ‘pumping’ alone because a substantial percentage of that wall is in fact solid concrete which cannot be ‘pumped’ for obvious reasons. ( See example picture)

Some insulation systems compound existing condensation problems by reducing the wall’s ability to breathe.
Wetness or damp forms on cold walls Mould patches grow on damp surface Condensation, damp walls, wet walls.

Condensation, often described as damp walls or wet walls is a direct result of bad or no wall insulation frequently accompanied by inadequate room ventilation. Cold walls attract the warmer, moist room air, and when it makes contact with the cold wall, forms water droplets. (as on bathroom mirror). Drying clothes etc in a room adds to this problem.

Toxic black mould on walls ceiling, musty smell. Ugly, toxic black mould thrives on walls and ceilings that are wet or damp, usually a direct result of condensation above.

Mould has been identified with health problems, for instance respitory, sleep loss etc. Musty odour is usually present.

Often present in or behind wardrobes, behind beds etc.

Big insulation job too costly for your budget?

One effective solution to all the above is to have the room dry lined with an appropriate insulation material, ensuring adequate room ventilation. Only downside is cost and the space, it can take up 60 or 70mm added to the walls which will make the room a bit smaller, ok if you have the space. Finally, cost… a small room will cost from €500 up depending on material etc. You still have to paint or paper over the dry lining.

Rising Energy Costs

All above problems are usually associated with inadequate insulation. New carbon taxes and electricity price hikes on the way will not help either.

Introducing the Low-Cost, Smart Solution … Warmcoat Insulating Paint

Discover the low cost, simple way to cut your heat loss, reduce if not eliminate your condensation damp wall and mould problems while making your home a lot cosier with less money being wasted on sky rocketing energy bills. Igoe International (Estd. 1977) specialises in sourcing innovative, proven solutions to numerous home property maintenance problems one of which is Warmcoat Insulating Paint, a high tech insulation product for walls and ceilings that reduces room heat loss by up to 25%.

Warmcoat Insulating paint is the most affordable way to improve your home insulation, heat retention and comfort level.

It is easily applied (like any emulsion) inside the home on walls and ceilings and works by reflecting back a significant amount of the rooms’ heat back into the room.

Warmcoat works by forming a thermal barrier between the cold wall and the moist warm room air. i.e. the wall surface is not as cold to touch.

It helps your wall insulation without taking from your existing room space.

It reduces condensation, damp walls, wet walls because the less cold wall reduces if not gets rid of water droplet formation.

Important Note: Warmcoat insulation paint does not take away the need for proper necessary air vent in the room.

Less dampness, condensation on the walls means that the damp environment necessary for toxic black mould to grow and multiply is also reduced and in most cases is eliminated.

You don’t have to suffer another harsh winter with a hard to heat home – just paint on a few coats of Warmcoat Insulating paint and feel the difference.

Insulation Tip: If you choose to install dry lining wall insulation in your home, it will require painting or papering anyway, so a smart idea is to boost the effect of your dry lining’s insulation values even more by applying Warmcoat Insulating paint as part of that painting /papering job. Should you decide to have your walls ‘pumped’, a few coats of Warmcoat Insulating paint applied on the inside of the walls will help considerably. Since we test launched Warmcoat Insulating Paint in August 2009, in order to establish the facts for ourselves, we have spoken directly with 127 home owners (over two months Mar Apr 2010) who had purchased, experienced the effect of the product over one of the worst winters in living memory.

Response from those home owners was overwhelmingly positive.

If there was even the slightest doubt about the product’s effectiveness to do what was claimed, we would not have continued distributing it as we rigorously guard our company’s reputation for distributing only first class products, a policy that we implemented in 1977 and adhered to ever since.

The Benefits to You.

(1) Makes a noticeable difference to room temperature and comfort level in any older home, from solid or old cavity block walled detached cottages, farm houses, mass concrete apartments to terraced or semi- detached council houses.

(2) It increases average room temperature, by as much as 3 degrees with the same heating settings.

(3) It reduces, and in most cases eliminates condensation (appears as damp area on the wall) it prevents ugly, unhealthy mould growth.

(4) Keeps room warmer for longer after the heating is switched off.

(5) You can switch your heating off up to one full hour earlier without any loss of comfort. (that’s how it cuts heating bills and saves energy) Breathability of the paint along with the heat reflecting properties also helps to dramatically reduce condensation problems, if not eliminated completely.

(6) Warmcoat also allows the walls to breath.

(7) Superb on ceilings and walls of older flat roof extensions, converted garage etc.

(8) Drier* cosier bedrooms make for a better night’s sleep.

(9) Less energy oil gas etc burned means less damage to the environment.

(10) Highest quality ECO friendly acrylic paint, superior texture and finish, with minimal environmental impact, due to its very low VOC level.

(12) Warmcoat can be painted over with any brand or colour of emulsion paint.

(13) Can be wallpapered over or visa versa.

(14) Excellent in flats etc where tenants tend to ‘dry out’ their washing on the rads!!

(15) Last but not least… LOW cost and it pays for itself fast from heating bill savings.

(16) Does not reduce room size unlike thicker dry lining etc.

* NOTE: Warmcoat does not take away the necessity for proper room ventilation.

Comments are a cross section of views received from customers we surveyed during Mar – Apr 2010.

Note: Warmcoat Insulating Paint, contains superior ingredients per our specifications, is exclusive to Igoe International Ltd, and should not be confused with any other insulating paint or insulation product.

We commissioned a qualified BER Engineer carry out a thermal imaging test, using special equipment to show the effect of Warmcoat Insulating paint on a north facing wall in a 106 year old house with no wall insulation. [If you need more techie proof etc, we have it, too boring to place here – just email your request]

Warmcoat Is The Lowest Cost Way to Make Your Home Warmer, Drier and Healthier.

One 5 litre can of Warmcoat Insulating Paint (average RPP €85) is sufficient to cover a small 10’ x 12’ bedroom with two coats including the ceiling.

That works out at only €0.15 a square foot, making Warmcoat the lowest cost way to reduce heat loss and boost average room temperature with no extra heating needed.

Warmcoat insulating paint comes in white matt and midsheen. The matt is best where you are applying another brand colour over* it to finish.

* Warmcoat also works as an undercoat so you can finish with any brand or colour you like.

Don’t Suffer Through Another Cold Winter – Apply Warmcoat Now!

Word of mouth is creating a lot of new additional demand for Warmcoat Insulating paint, and with sales growing rapidly; some stores will run out of stock just when you need it. Therefore we advise if you want to try Warmcoat in one or more rooms, act now, don’t delay. Try it in your coldest room and take it from there when you see and feel the results. Remember, more freezing cold weather is just around the corner, you don’t have to suffer anymore with a cold room home etc… apply a few coats of Warmcoat paint on insulation and feel the difference. You’ll be delighted with the result.

As you know, time slips by very quickly, the freezing weather will be here again very soon, so don’t postpone getting that cold room insulated until then.

As soon as you switch your heating system back on again, you are back on the heat waste treadmill. Slash expensive heat loss out through your walls and ceiling with Warmcoat.

The cold weather brings back condensation, ugly and mould patches or wetness on the walls. Take action now and make your home cosier and more energy efficient with Warmcoat Insulating paint.

Warmcoat Advanced Insulating Paint…

Low cost insulation… reduces heat loss out through walls and ceilings by up to 25%. Reduces if not eliminates condensation, wet or damp walls and toxic mould. Ideal insulation for older, hard to heat cavity block and solid wall homes. Proven by local customers during the worst winter conditions in living memory.



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