Tower HH77 Cordless 7.4v Handheld Vacuum


Tower HH77 Cordless 7.4v Handheld Vacuum

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Tower HH77 Cordless 7.4v Handheld Vacuum

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Tower’s cordless handheld vacuum cleaner packs a powerful motor to efficiently clean small, confined spaces around your home or car interior. Its strong suction capabilities deliver a deep and thorough clean while absorbing both wet and dry spillages such as dust, food crumbs, milk and a range of other spilled liquids for a quick and easy clean-up. Collected debris filters through to the dust compartment which can be removed to dispose of dirt directly into the bin. Included crevice nozzle and round brush head attachments help to capture all particles between sofa seams, blind slats and car vents. A complete charge of this portable cordless cleaner can provide up to 20 minutes of suction time, leaving your home free from dust and dirt for improved comfort.

7.4V Cordless handheld vacuum
Powerful 50W motor giving 4KPA suction
20 minute runtime from a single charge
Wet and dry suction suitable for any mess or spill
Rechargeable handheld vacuum
Portable cordless operation
Easily emptied dust compartment
Crevice nozzle and round brush
Packaging Type: Colour gift box


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