Steelex 2 tier steamer

Steelex 2 tier steamer


Steelex 2 tier steamer

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  • Steam food while retaining its original nutrition with this heavy gauge stainless-steel steamer. Available in 2 different tiers & diameters, this steamer is crafted with a heavy-duty induction base, smooth mirror polished finish, stainless steel lid and double heat resistant bakelite handles for effortless steaming of multiple foods!
  • This Steelex Stainless Steel Steamer is available in 2 DIFFERENT DIAMETERS – 20cm AND 24cm. In each diameter it is available as 2-Tier AND 3-Tier. This Steelex Stainless Steel Steamer is suitable for all hobs, Gas, Electric, Ceramic, Halogen AND INDUCTION. It is also DISHWASHER SAFE. NOTE – ONLY 1 STEAMER IN YOUR CHOSEN DIAMETER & TIER SHALL BE SENT OUT.
  • MIRROR FINISH STAINLESS STEEL – A high-quality heavy gauge stainless-steel & mirror polished finish steamer for long term use. Heavy duty stainless steel means it will never easily scratch, break, rust or corrode. Metallic properties of it will ensure flavours are always preserved and quality is not affected. You can now steam food with fast even heat distribution and without hot spots.
  • HEAVY INDUCTION BASE – A steamer that will quickly and evenly steam food such as vegetables, meat or fish with balance in minutes due to the heavy induction base. Induction means heat will be directly generated & evenly distributed throughout the pot; therefore, fewer steps & time involved in heating up. Even at lower temperatures, it will provide better performance as the induction base will provide more precise control of heat, to steam at lower temperatures.
  • ERGONOMIC FUNCTIONAL FEATURES – Due to the 2/3-tier you can now steam 2/3 different food all on one hob! For comfortable holding it has a 2 hard-wearing heat resistant bakelite handles on each tier. It will provide a smooth & safe grip while minimising heat conductivity through the handle. You can add & remove the tiers as you need, or just use the base with lid and turn it into a stock pot; hence a versatile steamer!


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