Russell Hobbs Small SatisFry Air Fryer

Russell Hobbs Small SatisFry Air Fryer


Russell Hobbs Large SatisFry Air Fryer

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Key Features

Yes you can.

Get ready to cook up a storm in the kitchen with the Russell Hobbs SatisFry Small. It has everything you need to cook delicious dinners with confidence. It may be compact, but it can cook up to 700g of chips in less time than previous Russell Hobbs models, with little or no oil required, meaning less fat when served. Air fried meat and fish retain their natural succulence and flavour too. Food is made quickly and easily with no fuss or mess, and when you’re finished, you can pop its removable parts in the dishwasher so it’s ready for next time.
Little or no oil required

Air Fryer technology crisps, browns and bakes with little or no oil required. Meat stays succulent as the cooking process helps to retain natural juices.
Faster Results

The SatisFry Air Small air fries faster than previous Russell Hobbs air fryer models, and 78% faster than a conventional oven.
Dishwasher-safe removable crisping plate and basket

The crisping plate and basket are dishwasher safe^, for ease of cleaning in the dishwasher or sink after every use.
Energy saving

Saves up to 68% energy compared to a conventional oven.


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