Protect-iT Efflorescence Remover 5lt

Protect-iT Efflorescence Remover 5lt


Protect-iT Efflorescence Remover 5lt

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A powerful stripper that removes white efflorescence from brick, concrete & stone.
Formulated in response to the increasing demands of users in terms of safety and compliance.
Significantly less hazardous than citric, hydrochloric and phosphoric acids.
Removes cement, concrete and mineral deposits on fragile substrates such as metal (steel, aluminum), glass, rubber and glossy paints, without altering their appearance. It is ideal for mineral substrates and does not affect the surface porosity.
Not classified as either corrosive or an irritant, unlike other products.
Efflorescence Remover is 90% biodegradable and inert to the substrate (does not damage glass, metal or plastic, and is non-corrosive).


How to Use

Shake the container well before use. Do not dilute this product is ready to use.

  1. Apply a saturated coat at a rate of 5 m² per litre by brush or garden sprayer.
  2. Leave for 1 hour and re-apply.
  3. Leave for up to 24 hours for effective removal of salts.
  4. Wash surface salts away with a dilution of 1:50 Efflorescence Remover to water with a stiff brush or power jet and leave to dry.
  5. Treat with one of our invisible sealers once dry.
  6. Clean all tools with water after use.


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