Owatrol Oil Paint Conditioner & Rust Inhibitor – 5L

Owatrol Oil Paint Conditioner & Rust Inhibitor – 5L


Owatrol Oil Paint Conditioner & Rust Inhibitor – 5L

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◦Solves the cause of the problem. Penetrates deep into the smallest micro pores of the metal down to the ‘good steel’ behind, displaces moisture and air from those rust pores, thereby removing all ‘rust food’ and stops the rusting action.

◦Minimises work and time spent on preparation of the metal. Eliminates the need for time or labour intensive total rust removal, wire brushing etc. Allows paint to be applied direct to ‘tight’ rust.

◦Can be added to subsequent coats of oil based metal primer or paint finish for a peel free finish

◦Used alone on rusted surface gives rustic, matt varnish like finish while protecting metal.

◦Used alone, protects a host of household tools, machines, e.g. underside of power mower, farm machinery, construction plant.

Used as a Paint Additive

Discover how to paint without brush marks and lots more.

◦Makes oil based paints or varnish stick to virtually anything – no more peeling paint.

For example… makes all oil based paints stick tight to galvanised steel, aluminium, zinc, exterior wood, window sills, wall cappings, fascia boards and lots more.
◦Improved paint flow and workability – no more brush marks or streaks, perfect finish every time.

◦Improves paint viscosity and allows painting to be carried from sub-zero to arid conditions.

◦Replaces paint damaging thinners; retains high gloss for years, does not dull the paint like white spirit, does not thin or weaken the paint. Does not evaporate from paint compared to white spirit.

◦It increases hiding power of the paint. Less coats required, especially on wide contrast and weak colours such as reds, yellows etc.

◦Used neat, maintains the natural look of wood, metal etc.

◦Used in oil / alkyd paints, increases anti rust properties of the paint

◦Heat resistant up to +175°C

Wood impregnation

◦Deeply penetrates and seals wood. Great for window sashes exposed to condensation, loose putty, water run-off, fascia boards, doors etc.

◦Protects metal parts. Creeps in behind steel hinges, fittings etc, rust proofs surface mounted hinges and fittings from behind. (great for signs etc)

Where to use

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals. (may also be applied on wood, plastics, glass,…)
Lightly to heavily rusted surfaces. Steel roofing cut edges, sheds, machinery, plant etc.
May be used with / in any oil based paints, air drying alkyds, lacquers and varnishes, one component urethanes and asphalt / petroleum based paints. May be mixed with oil based stains/paint to improve impregnation of wood and protection of metal surfaces (hinges and fittings) Do NOT mix/use with quick drying, cellulose paints (car paints), chlorinated rubber paints, with two component paints or water based paints (See CIP, EB & Floetrol for related information) Directions for use
Ensure surface is clean, dry and free from oil, grease and scale
Rust…For best results, saturate all areas of rusted first with neat Owatrol Oil. Allow 24 hours to dry. Wipe off ponding on horizontal areas while still wet. (prevents subsequent skinning)
Other applications… Add 25% (or more for bad surfaces) Owatrol Oil to oil based metal primer, or any oil based top coat. See special ‘How To’ detailed instructions on rust treatment & peeling paint problems elsewhere on this site.
To improve paint flow, and stop brush marks, achieve a better finish, mix 5-10% Owatrol Oil with any oil based paint or varnish

Coverage : 18m²/l (depends on substrate, porosity etc)

Application tools : Brush – Roller – Airless spray

Application temperature : 5°C to +35°C

Drying : 12 h.

Recoating time : 24 to 48 h.

Clean-up : White-Spirit


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