George Foreman Fit Grill Black | Large


George Foreman Fit Grill Black | Large


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Bigger on the inside

The George Foreman 25820 Large Fit Grill is compact yet spacious. You get surprisingly large grill plates on quite a small appliance, fitting up to 10 portions. What’s more, you can store it standing up with the cord wrapped, saving a lot of precious cupboard space.

Clip-on drip tray

Let the fat drain away. The 25820 Large Fit Grill has the George Foreman signature clip-on drip tray to collect all the unnecessary fat. Then you can just rinse it and pop into dishwasher. Plates are easy to clean too, just wipe the non-stick surface.

Adjustable rear foot

The rear foot of the George Foreman 25820 Large Fit Grill is adjustable. That lets you grill flat or angled, fitting in anything from a steak to your grand sandwich.


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