George Foreman 4 portion family grill

George Foreman 4 portion family grill


George Foreman 4 portion family grill

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  • Capable of cooking up to four portions of food this healthy grill is also quick and easy to clean due to a non-stick coating on the griddle plates
  • George Foreman grills work by channelling fat and grease away from your food as it cooks, collecting in a separate removable drip tray. Consists of sloped grill so oil or fat can drain easily
  • A floating hinge means your grill will close around different types of foods regardless of thickness ensuring total coverage when cooking
  • The handy ‘ready to cook’ indicator will illuminate when your George has reach optimum grilling temperature
  • Multifunctional and fully flexible you can grill meat, fish and vegetables or maybe use it as a panini press/sandwich toaster the options are endless


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