Colourtrend Prime 2 750ml

Colourtrend Prime 2 750ml


Colourtrend Prime 2 750ml

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PRIME 2 EPOXY is a water-based interior and exterior primer that has been developed using the latest in coating technology to give excellent adhesion onto multiple surfaces, including ferrous and nonferrous metal. n Ideal for pre-painted and varnished doors, cabinets, furniture, kitchens, etc. It is water-based so has virtually no odour and is quick-drying making it a great problem-solving primer for hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, retail outlets anywhere a quick turnaround time with the least amount of disturbance is of critical importance.
PRIME2 EPOXY is so easy to use with a good workable open time. It has excellent levelling and blocking properties ensuring the gloss level of your topcoat is protected. n It will adhere to most surfaces even glossy coatings and can be applied under and over most paints, including oil, enamels, acrylic and vinyl and is perfect with all Colourtrend paints and Priming: PRIME2 EPOXY primer has exceptional adhesion properties which makes it the perfect prime coat for kitchen and furniture repainting projects. A great primer for all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, such as nail heads, railings and other light DIY metal surfaces. For higher corrosion protection or industrial applications please contact Colourtrend for further advice. n Adhesion: PRIME2 EPOXYs excellent adhesion makes it ideal for high sheen surfaces including high-gloss varnish as well as gloss enamels, glass, PVC, laminates, ceramic tiles and melamine.


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