Carmen single heated under blanket

Carmen single heated under blanket


Carmen single heated under blanket

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This Carmen C81153 Single Electric Heated Blanket has 3 heats so you can select the right temperature for a good nights sleep The powerful 40 watt element quickly heats up but still only costs 3p a night to run. Detachable cable so you can easily wash the blanket in your washing machine. Automatic overheat protection for your safety.

  • Powerful 40W output for ultra-fast heat up
  • 3 heat settings let you choose the best temperature for you
  • Efficient design for consistent warmth costing 14p per night to run
  • Machine washable with 1 x detachable controller
  • Safety overheat protection system for optimum safety
  • Quick and easy tie down straps secure the blanket and prevent creases
  • Extra warmth and cm


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