Bird Brand Fungicidal Wash

Bird Brand Fungicidal Wash


Bird Brand  Fungicidal Wash

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A fast acting mould, algae & lichen killer that is  ready to use indoor & outdoor. Bird Brand  Algae Killing Fungicidal Wash kills and inhibits the growth of mould, algae & lichen on most surfaces including wood, brick, stone & plaster etc.   Fungicidal Wash is ideal for use before paint and wallpaper to help prevent mould growth and also to remove and prevent green algae from timber or bricks.

Spray at a rate of 500ml of product per 5 square metres of surface.   Final results are visible typically within 2-4 days.  This product is approved under the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986.  Do not dilute. Contains: DIDECYLDIMETHYL AMMONIUM CHLORIDE 2.99% (W/W) diluted to 1.5%


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