Anti Spill Silicone Lids

Anti Spill Silicone Lids


Anti Spill Silicone Lids

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Anti Spill Silicone Lids are specially designed to prevent pots over-boiling and pans splattering. They are also used for steaming vegetables, microwaving food and as a heat-resistant pot mat.

These amazing silicone lids are very versatile:

  • Stops pots boiling over
  • Keeps your oven top clean
  • Splatter guard (oven, microwave & fry pan)
  • Use to steam vegetables
  • Trivet (worktop protector)
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Heat resistant to 260°C degrees
  • Food grade silicone, BPA free
  • LFGB tested


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